App Utilisation

An app for smartphones (ios/android) to send location based messages (Notes).
Uses :
– Making jokes with your friends by sending them messages and receive them ONLY if they are passing by a specific location.
-To old boyfriends/girlfriends….when after a while he/she passes near by a place you wanted him/her to receive you message.
-In places you want to remind something to one of your friends.
-In airports, train or bus stations, when people arrives there and you want them to receive a welcome note or a commercial message for rent-a-car, or hotels etc.
-In tourism places to advice tourists to visit some place or to pay attention to something you want.
-In areas where people can find apartments to buy if you are real estate agent.
-Outside of your bar or shop if order to impress clients or to inform people about special offers or events.

ATTENTION ! You don’t need to go to the location where you want to leave the message. But the receiver needs to reach that location in order to get your message.

COMMING SOON : in a few days you will be able to leave also PUBLIC NOTES to people that are not friends with you on Facebook…. information message and commercial messages !!!