The present Privacy Policy explains how the application NoteOnTheRoad (from here on “The App”) and the website (from here on “The Website”) collect, use, disclose, and protect personal information, that the user complies to share through our services. By deciding to sign up the user agrees to disclose information through The App or The Website and accepts these data to be used in accordance with the present Privacy Policy. The App and The Website may contain links to other websites (Facebook) that may not be subject to this Privacy Policy and for which, therefore, NoteOnTheRoad is neither responsible nor liable.

Collecting and using the Data

The App and The website provide the user with the ability to register to our services through a third-party connection: Facebook Connect. This third-party connection passes certain information about the user to NoteOnTheRoad like: Facebook UID, gender, birthday if public, username, profile picture, e-mail, friends’ list, friends’ user IDs, or any information the user has permitted the third party to share with NoteOnTheRoad.

NoteOnTheRoad gathers all these information in order to improve its services and to make the experience more social, by allowing the user to invite his or hers friends to use our services. The information provided by the user through this third-party connection may be kept for a reasonable timeframe and as long as it’s legally admissible on our servers even if the user chooses to unlink his or hers Facebook account from our App or Website.

Except the information collected through Facebook Connect, The App or The Website is collecting at the registration of each user: first and last name, phone number and location. Our App or Website may also collect any messages or information the user sends through our services in order to offer better functionality and operation of our services. By registering through The App or The Website the user unequivocally and irrevocably gives his or her consent to NoteOnTheRoad Company to use the personal data under the terms set out in this Privacy Policy. The user has the option to visit The Website without disclosing any personal data.

Through the option “Tell a friend” the user has the ability to invite any Facebook friend to visit and subscribe to our App or Website. NoteOnTheRoad cannot access or control this communication and by proceeding with this action the user agrees to be charged the normal carrier fees that apply to communications sent from the mobile phone.

NoteOnTheRoad can offer its services to the users only through the collection of these data. In order to enhance a better compatibility of the App and the Website to the interests and desires of its users, NoteOnTheRoad may also use tools such as newsletters or push notifications.



NoteOnTheRoad is using cookies (small text files stored on the computer or the mobile device of a user that keep traces of previous visits to certain websites). This action lets NoteOnTheRoad help the user log in faster, enhance the navigation through the App or the Website. Refusing to accept these cookies may have as consequence the improper functionality of the App or the Website.

Location data

NoteOnTheRoad collects the GPS coordinates (e.g. latitude and longitude) of the user’s mobile devices in order to function properly. We offer exclusively location-based services and if the location data is impaired or disabled our services won’t function.

Marketing data

NoteOnTheRoad may send the users messages and/or push notifications containing information about changes of the services (updates, security settings, billing information) or about promotions and special offers. By agreeing with this privacy policy the user opts to accepts these messages and/or push notifications.


NoteOnTheRoad cares about the security of the users’ information and uses reasonable safeguards to preserve the integrity and security of all data collected. However, NoteOnTheRoad cannot warrant the security of any data the user reveals to our App or Website or ensure that this data may not be accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed, especially because we use third party websites and services in order to log in to our services. NoteOnTheRoad is not responsible for the security offered by the third party websites and services for the disclosure of any personal data.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or our services, please contact us at


NoteOnTheRoad modifies or update this Privacy Policy from time to time and the users should review this page periodically. This Privacy Policy was last modified on 09/08/2016.