Welcome to NoteOnTheRoad

In the past people would leave a message written on the rocks or on the trees so others could see the message when they would pass by that place. Now…you can deliver that message through NoteOnTheRoad.
NoteOnTheRoad is an application that allows you to send text messages or photos on the way, for your friends or even for unknown people, in the moment they are passing by a specific location at a specific period of time. They CANNOT receive the message until they arrive in the area you have specified.
You can use the application to send your message to your Facebook friends or to the users of a Facebook page that you are administrating.
You can use the application in order to remind something to someone/some people, to make a joke, to invite people near you to a party or to an event that you are organizing, but also you can use it for commercial purposes.
You can leave a commercial message around the area where you have a business. You can choose the diameter of the area in which the message would be available, you can choose which friends can receive the message or to which criteria of people the message is addressed to ( age, sex, interests etc.) and when the people that correspond to your criteria reach the specific space, in the time frame that you choose, only then they would receive your message.
Our service is cost free, when you choose to send the message to your Facebook friends.
Download the application, login … There might be a message waiting for you somewhere…
For now the application is compatible only with ios devices but shortly we will launch also the android version.